Tutor 12.0.0 mfe plugin k8s deployment error

In tutor new release 12.0.0 when we add ecommerce and mfe plugins , when we deploy Open edX on kubernetes cluster we have below error :

The Deployment "mfe" is invalid: spec.template.spec.containers[0].imagePullPolicy: Unsupported value: "always": supported values: "Always", "IfNotPresent", "Never"                                          
Error: Command failed with status 1: kubectl apply --kustomize /home/ubuntu/avid-tutor/tutor/env --selector app.kubernetes.io/component notin (job,volume,namespace)

Can we fix this “imagePullPolicy” ?
kubernetes version 1.19.7

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Looks like this has been fixed: kubernetes deployment patch typo · Issue #4 · overhangio/tutor-mfe · GitHub

Can you confirm the latest tutor v12.0.1 works for you?


Thanks, it works fine in new release.

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