Trying to enable minio plugin but facing issue with testing it

Hello Dears ,

Hope someone can help me with my issue.

I enabled minio and ran local quickstart then I ran import democourse again but I don’t see any changes,

also when I list my buckets on minio they are all empty.

So how can I test if it’s working for me and how can I properly configure it?

Thank you in advance

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This is the buckets

./mc ls minio-stage-app
[2022-02-13 17:02:12 +03] 0B openedx/
[2022-02-13 17:02:12 +03] 0B openedxuploads/
[2022-02-13 17:02:12 +03] 0B openedxvideos/

This is the variables in config.yml


@regis Your kind support :slight_smile:

botocore.exceptions.EndpointConnectionError: Could not connect to the endpoint URL: “

$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
$ ping
ping: No address associated with hostname

You should configure your DNS records, as described in the docs: GitHub - overhangio/tutor-minio: MinIO plugin for Tutor

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