Translation doesn't work for some words

Hello everyone!
The djangojs.po file appears to have the translation of the phrase “Basic Account Infomation” in “Informazioni di base” (in Italian) but in the front end, it still ticks in English, why?

@regis sorry for the waste of time, any ideas?

The string does not seem to be translated in Lilac: edx-platform/djangojs.po at 01027237d7b07084eb86fd4c2978b20a27d3d8ad · edx/edx-platform · GitHub
Did you add the translation string yourself? If yes, how? What version of tutor are you running?

I imported the transifex file updated to 2021 (which is 94%) from edx-platform/djangojs.po at master · edx/edx-platform · GitHub
The problem is that everything else updates it except this part edx-platform/djangojs.po at cf64f0e198827dd71dc3a13c72eabda36bed0d41 · edx/edx-platform · GitHub

How did you import the transifex file? Did you rebuild the openedx Docker image, as suggested here? Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation

I replaced the it_IT folder with the most updated one.

Then I stopped tutor and did: tutor images build openx, as written in the guide

What do you mean by that? Did you replace the folder in your fork? Did you remember to point the edx-platform repo argument to your fork when running tutor images build openedx? Please give as much details as possible, otherwise it’s very difficult to help you.

First of all, I changed the it_IT folder to the newest one in the repo edx-platform/conf/locale at master · edx/edx-platform · GitHub, where? Inside the lms container.

docker cp it_IT/ tutor_local_lms_1:/openedx/edx-platform/conf/locale

After, I have opened the language configuration file djangojs.po

And I checked that there is a translation of “Basic Account Infomation”

But the actual change does not take place

Most of the changes happen, except on the “account settings” page

So you are modifying the translation strings at runtime? This is highly unusual. Just copying the files will not work. You will need to compile the strings, as it is done in the openedx Docker image at build time. See the compilemessages and compilejsi18n commands: tutor/Dockerfile at f2260006bd370584434b935f90e85e3dcee776c2 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

The guide does not say that you should docker cp translation files at runtime. This is wrong in so many ways that I don’t even know where to start. Please follow the instructions closely: Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation

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