Translate tutor in to Persian (Iran) (fa_IR) language

I am trying to enable the Persian language as a second language for those who are comfortable with using Tutor in Persian. Looking at edx - Transifex over 65% of the platform has been translated into the Persian language yet I still can’t see it in openedx-i18n/edx-platform/locale at master · openedx/openedx-i18n · GitHub neither in edx-platform/conf/locale at open-release/juniper.3 · edx/edx-platform · GitHub. I wonder if there is any other way I can do this.

Hi @ymujadidi! Indeed, there is a very high ratio of translated strings In Persian on Transifex: Log in · Transifex
The problem is that these strings have not been reviewed. Only reviewed strings are downloaded by the openedx-i18n script.
I suggest that you reach out to a Persian reviewer, for instance by getting in touch with the Transifex working group: Announcing the Transifex Working Group – Open edX
Once Persian reaches the threshold of 50% of reviewed strings, we can add it to the openedx-i18n repo.

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