Traefik with Tutor and Wordpress

I PMed @tony-h about a topic that he discussed earlier: Traefik as a frontend proxy? and provided me with valuable info I hope will help others in the community.

Hi toney,
I am running Open edx Tutor based on subdomains exp: and and wanted to install a wordpress as primary domain and use Traefik as a frontend proxy.
I saw from your post Traefik as a frontend proxy? that you have some knowledge in that mater, so I hope to find some help.
I tried nginx proxy as explained by some videos but didn’t succeed. Also I don’t want to alter the tutor docor-compose.yml file in case of upgrades, as you mentioned.
Thank you

Thank you Tony for your valuable and rapid replay.
I have already used nginx as a reverse proxy and modified the file configuration of tutor in the location you mentioned and installed Wordpress on docker in a separate directory. Everything seamed ok till I wanted to setup an SSL certificate where it became complicated.
We know that tutor has it’s own certificate which is quite simple to install and because I setup LMS and Studio in subdomains and Wordpress in the main domain, they probably have to share the same SSL certificate and this is where the difficulty rises.
I read that Traefik takes in charge both the proxy function and the SSL certificates but we have to modify the tutor docker-compose.yml which is risky in case of upgrade.
I’ll post our discussion in the forum for probable utility.