The true way updating of server with custom edx-platform codes

Hi friends,

I am looking for a way to update the server’s edx-platform the right way,

I have attached a volume to my local computer and completed my tasks after this I build an image and deployed it to the docker hub,

In the new server, I pulled from the hub repo but no use new customized features have not come ,

I see docker image building not saving my edx-platform codes, so, how can I update edx-platform codes with my customized codes?.


Hi @mshukurlu did you find the solution?

@regis Kindly, need your support.

same problem here the new images does not contain the bind volume code

@regis Kindly, need your support.

@Muneera-Salah @halmogbl Hi friends,
As the documentation says, we need to use a custom openedx fork it should be public on the repo (because it is fork of edx-platform). Then you should set the fork into your image, custom image doesnot contain code it contain only image based changes. For this purpose the pulling not cover codes.

@mshukurlu yup I end up using custom build command every time I build a new image

tutor images build openedx \

thank you

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