Table 'openedx.xblock_config_studioconfig' doesn't exist

I installed tutor successfully on DigitalOcean and everything looks great, except when I try to Add Units to Subsections, this error message show up:

I looked it up on the Internet and people mentioned using paver update_db, however didn’t find this command in (~/tutor/Makefile) and I don’t know if this info is still relevant… my tutor version is (12.1.2).

Hi @msallam! Did you upgrade an existing platform? I find it strange that the studio loads correctly but that not all mysql migrations were correctly applied.

You can apply migrations on the CMS by running:

 tutor local init --limit=cms

Thanks @regis … I think you are right maybe the migration wasn’t complete because of lack of memory resources and when I increased the memory I didn’t redo the migration… anyway the problem has been resolved now with a new installation, but I believe your suggestion would have solved the problem

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