Sustainable Hotmail Link Building Strategies A Comprehensive Guide

Ask if they are interested in us publishing content related to that service. Being a very specific website + locality, many times they accept and it is a link that is very useful for us (and without spending in some cases ). How do you monetize a single URL website? Here comes the most complicated part perhaps. Once the nanoniche is well positioned and several leads come.

In per month, companies or Hotmail Email List freelancers who offer this service are contacted to rent the website . The price depends on what the service is worth and the leads that come in monthly; Most of the nanoniches that I have I rent from €40 per month (the average is about €50/€60 per month). When you sell to people who are “only” going to pay around 50 euros a month to have “an entire website working for them,” they usually like the idea. What they don’t know (and they aren’t interested either).


Is that this website has only 1 URL, they are interested in the leads it can bring them. To find interested companies, I search on Google Search, Google Maps (many have no website or one that is free) and professional directories . There are many people who are wary of renting websites, I’ll tell you. To gain their trust, when I see that someone is interested I usually give the first month free so that they can see for themselves the benefit they get. You may think, well, what a f***ing profit it is if I’m going to set up websites to make about €40 a month… It’s possible.

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