Studio not working after giving IP address

while trying for production development I have given the ip address after running the tutor local quickstart .The is running using the ip address but the studiopage(studio. is not running.Also when i login through admin account not able to open the courses it is showing error.

When i login through student account it giving “We can’t connect to the server at apps.” when i open the course.

The IP address range is for private networks. It won’t be reachable by anyone not on your private network as it is not routable on the Internet.

I would recommend you use a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) instead of an IP address for the LMS or the CMS. Unless your host file or whatever you use internally to resolve addresses does include an entry for studio. for which I would be really surprised… This would also explain your problem with apps. which is not resolving.


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