Studio login not working (Invalid client_id parameter value)

I have a tutor open edx installation on AWS
Tutor version : version 15.3.0
Open edx version: Olive
I have created superuser and signed in to the LMS successfully , when tried to sign in to the Studio I have been redirected to the LMS with this error message:

## Error: invalid_request

Invalid client_id parameter value.

The redirection link :


I have read some of the forum topics related to the studio login but didn’t find anything, anyone faced this or solved this issue ?

When you go to https://<your lms>/admin/oauth2_provider/application/ can you see an application called “cms-sso”?

I can see only:

  • android

  • Login Service for JWT Cookies

Did you run tutor local launch to the end? Did it succeed? It should have.

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I have re-ran the tutor local launch and it worked.

the “cms-sso” has been added to the oauth2_provider applications and the login to studio worked.


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