Students unable to self-generate certificate

I have set up my course’s Certificate, previewed, and activated it.

I have also enabled “Student-Generated Certificates” in Instructor Dashboard.

But when I tested as a student enrolled in honor mode with 100% grade, I don’t see the button to get the Certificate.

Am I missing any step or any setting?

How do you add student in Honor mode? Can you help me?

I just log in with a student account and enroll in the course

I have disabled self registration… So i created user thorough admin and by default it goes to audit mode


Please look at these ressources


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Thank you nachham. This is the step I was missing

  1. If the certificates are configured to be delivered after the student passes the course. You can go to studio-settings-advanced settings- Certificates Display Behavior.

“end”, allow users getting the certificates once the course is finished
“early_no_info.” allows users getting the certificates as soon as they pass the course according to the grading policy

Hi, i don’t see this option in my openedx.