SMTP Configuration Questions

Hey -

I’m new to Tutor and I’m trying to set up a Development Server for EdX with Tutor to trial things out.

I think I’m a little confused on how Tutor implements SMTP.

I’m trying to get it to use an SMTP service that traps mail so it doesn’t actually go to recipient’s mailboxes. Below is my options for SMTP in the config.yml

SMTP_PASSWORD: -password-
SMTP_USERNAME: -username-

I know the functionality is correct because I can manually send mail to the service from the Tutor Server using telnet.

When I registered with an account with a GMail it received an email directly from the server it looks like, so clearly I am misunderstanding something.

I’ve been using already to help, and it shows the options, but doesn’t go in much detail in configuration.

After digging in the logs it looks like it is using Google’s SMTP Server. Is that a default?

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Your configuration looks quite correct to me. Did you think to restart the various services after changing the configuration?

I had been doing that with ‘tutor config save’. I also ran ‘tutor local quickstart’ one time as well after the initial config setup and did not get any results either.

Is that the appropriate way to restart the services within tutor?

I was able to get this working after looking closer about restarting services within Tutor. I did have my SMTP creds already base64 encoded which didn’t work, but it did work after I had them plaintext and restarted the services.

Thank you.

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