Simulate proctoring workflow with mockprock

I am trying to simulate proctoring exams in my development environment with mockprock.

Was following this section to setup mockprock as backend and frontend-lib-special-exams.

The documentation follows devstack approach, not tutor approach.

what I have tried,

  1. enabled special exams with a tutor plugin.
  2. updated the build/openedx/requirements/private.txt by adding git+
  3. tried to create a custom plugin to load learning mfe

frontend-lib-special-exams is a library used in learning mfe. here it explains how to configure this with learning-mfe. But I’m confused about the tutor way of doing this.

Am I going in right direction ?
Is it worth the effort to see proctoring simulated in dev environment ? instead of getting a service provider’s trial plan. I had tried to get a trial plan, but haven’t got any.

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