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On Hawthorn, the registration screen showed fields like “country” etc by default (i.e. no need to click box "support education research). I would like to get back to this behavior.
I feel I shouldn’t need to create my own registration screen plugin like Support Education Research discussion. That discussion is above my capabilities anyway :sweat_smile:
I’ve tried this in config.yml:

    country: required

But it doesn’t work. Any ideas for a similar simple-level solution?

That’s a good question, because it allows me to re-raise the question that didn’t get answered on the other thread:

What’s the correct tutor-plugin syntax for putting fields, which according to other documentation, are multi-line?

E.g. Is

    country: required
    city: hidden

Some sort of dictionary and thus should be turned into

    country: required,
    city: hidden

? The Tutor documentation for plugins doesn’t really cover this…

@HenryV in order to reliably modify the LMS settings, you need to create a Tutor plugin. There is no simply no way around this. In your case, you should probably write a plugin with the following contents:

name: customlogin
version: 0.1.0
  openedx-lms-common-settings: |
    # my custom login
    REGISTRATION_EXTRA_FIELDS["country"] = "required"

@knoise Tutor did not invent the YAML spec to write multi-line strings. As you can see above, and as documented in the tutor plugin docs, you can write multi-line strings by adding a “|” pipe character at the beginning of the string. See this site for more information:

Note that if you are more confortable with JSON, and because JSON is a subset of YAML, you can write your plugins in JSON.

Thanks, @regis. Will do.

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