Setting up AWS S3 for OpenEDX(Tutor)

Hi, I’ve been taking a look at using AWS S3 for the Open edX. I went over the Use AWS for Data Storage article, but wasn’t able to find the file the article was referring to. However I did find ENV vars relating to s3 within in cms, other than configuring the following values in

are there another steps I should/need to take?

I apologize in advance if this should be a Open EDX category instead of Tutor

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@c3ho setting up s3 is much more complicated than that. Did you try the minio plugin in gateway mode? Please take a look at this comment:
It would be great if you could try this out and report whether it works for you.

Hi @regis, thank you very much for the reply. I was going through the plugins documentation and thought it was either use S3 or minio. I’ll give the link a read and try it. Have a good day!

Hello @regis I’ve made a post regarding Minio and mentioned there.

I am trying to use Minio as our s3 but cant seem to figure out how to test it.