Setting TUTOR_ROOT for running multiple open edx sites on same server using tutor

How to add different TUTOR_ROOT on same server for multiple sites as it is reading the value from same environment variable.

Have you had a look at this page?

I added a short script to my .zshrc file to make it easier to switch between TUTOR_ROOT environment.

 ## Tutor

tutor_env() {
    export TUTOR_ROOT=/home/$USER/tutor_"$@"/
    export TUTOR_PLUGINS_ROOT=/home/$USER/tutor-"$@"-plugins

tutor_env release

That way I can switch between a the latest release (tutor_env release), an older version (e.g. tutor_env lilac) and the nightly branch (tutor_env nightly). It still requires me to manually change the version of tutor installed.

It’s a quick solution that works for my laptop but maybe this approach will work for you.


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