Scorm module does not appear

My environment: koa.2-1
from Bitnami Open edX Virtual Machines

I followed openedx-scorm-xblock · PyPI and ran “pip install openedx-scorm-xblock”, and added “scorm” to the “Advanced Module List”.

However, the “Scorm module” does not appear in “Advanced” as shown in the following image. How should I fix this?

I also tried ironwood.2-13 and the symptoms were the same." Scorm module" does not appear.

Hi @mer! What is the output of the following commands:

pip freeze | grep scorm
./ lms shell -c "import openedxscorm.scormxblock"

This will check whether the xblock is correctly installed and importable.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

bitnami@debian:~$ pip freeze | grep scorm
bitnami@debian:~$ ./ lms shell -c "import openedxscorm.scormxblock"
-bash: ./ No such file or directory

“. /” did not exist, so I used “ls -R” to find it.
I found in ~/apps/edx/edx-platform.

Once again

bitnami@debian:~$ ~/apps/edx/edx-platform/ lms shell -c "import openedxscorm.scormxblock"

Then the result was

/usr/bin/env: 'python': No such file or directory.

Do other @experts/@developers know how to run commands on a Bitnami native-installation instance? I suspect these commands need to be run as user “edxapp” – including the pip install command.