Running Tutor Multi Site

Hello am new to Tutor, have managed to install tutor and have it run on my server. How ever when trying to setup a multi site using Running Multiple Open-edx only one site runs at a time when i use tutor local quickstart command.
both tutor instances have been cloned into different user accounts and paths specified export TUTOR_ROOT=/path/to/tutorroot also i ran the tutor config save --set RUN_CADDY=false --set NGINX_HTTP_PORT=81 command and have tutor running behind a reverse proxy. Am wondering if there is a specific way to ran tutor for multi site and have both instances running because right now the instance that runs quickstart replaces the previous container and i get a Badrequest(400) when i check the containers from both user accounts they have the same IDs and names.

Incase there is a documentation out there that is more detailed and would help would be great as i have failed to have it work with the current documentation.

Thanks again.

hi @gipsbrian did you figured this out?

Hello, @tabrezgoilkar have not yet managed to get this to work. Not sure is i am setting up the directories wrong or something else entirely.

@gipsbrian did you remember to also define difference values for LOCAL_PROJECT_NAME? If not, it will explain why containers from one site replace containers from another.

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Thanks @regis , That was indeed the issue.

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