Running multiple sites and then installing tutor

Hello, I am not very acquainted with servers, so I am trying to follow the simpler solutions I find. Yet, I need help, please.

I need to have wordpress website 1, wp website 2, wp website 3 and also tutor openedx running on a same machine, each with different domains and subdomains.

For the multiple wp websites, I am following a tutorial that makes it easy for me to understand:

I make a note that this installation requires an internal network ( “–net dockerwp”) for every container to communicate with each other.

This tutorial is straightforward and I get the wp sites done and running, despite more than 10 years have passed since I have installed a content management system and many things have since then changed (for good, like docker, etc).

But then I am not getting through with the final part, which is installing and running tutor on its own domain and subdomains but in this same machine.

Either because the 80 port is already allocated or because I cannot find a way to successfully add it to the internal network required in the above tutorial “–net dockerwp”… I’m not moving forward…

… I’ve even tried changing the yml in the source (please see lines 192-195 )

… but I am not getting there.

Could you please help me out in establishing a roadmap for going from the mentioned wp installation tutorial to installing tutor openedx in a simple fashion?

Thank you,


Hi @LTorrao! Did you try this?

Hello @regis

Yes, I can install it if on ports 81 and 444, but then nginx proxy doesn’t make the automatic mappings.

I think I need to add tutor to the same network. But I have just been reading this, and I think I missed a detail

There is only one yml in the whole of tutor, yes?

Do you mean that you are running the nginx web proxy as a docker container next to tutor?

Exactly @regis :slight_smile:

And it automatically maps to every wordpress instance I create, which is very practical. I’m just missing getting tutor inside this. :slight_smile:

You will need to add the VIRTUAL_HOST environment variable to the nginx container. To achieve this I suggest you add an docker-compose.override.yml file to the tutor environment. See this conversation which is relevant: Traefik with Tutor and Wordpress

@SayHi you might be interested in the solution proposed by @LTorrao, which uses a separate docker-based nginx proxy:

Good luck!

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Thank you @regis :slight_smile:

Am I interpreting correctly? Add a docker-compose.override.yml to tutor /tutor/ templates / local / with the VIRTUAL_HOST environment variable for nginx with the domains and ports chosen for LMS and CMS?

And should I keep the lines I’ve changed before, that add tutor to the internal network? ( lines 192-195 )

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t know the exact procedure, as I have never done it myself. Try things out! (and read the docs)