Requesting "k8s manifests" command

I would like to see the ability to retrieve the applicable k8s manifests from a simple tutor k8s manifests command.

Ideally, this would be similar to a “dry run” option where all of the configuration questions are asked, and the manifests formatted, and then the manifests displayed in stdout. Then the developer could redirect that to a single file to make alterations, if desired, and apply the manifest through a regular kubectl apply command.

Currently, the only way to view the manifests is from the code itself (src or on github). This is not very conducive to those of us who need to make some alterations to the YAML to get the application running in our environment.

Would this be a worthwhile addition for this community? If so, I would love to work on it.

Have you attempted to view the rendered manifest files?

cat $(tutor config printroot)/env/k8s/*.yml

This is incorrect. The Tutor source code only contains the manifest templates. Please have a look at the following section from the docs: Concepts — Tutor documentation

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