Renewing the SSL certificate

Hi @regis

According to the docs, renewing the SSL certificate is ensured by running:

tutor local stop nginx
tutor local https renew
tutor local start -d

I am wondering why is it that the whole platform has to be restarted instead of just Nginx?

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tutor local start -d does not restart the whole platform. Instead, it makes sure that all containers are properly started, if they are not already. In most cases, this should mean that only the nginx container is started.

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Thank you @regis

Which documentation was being cited here? When I do “tutor local https renew” currently, I get an error “No such command ‘https’.”, so it seems like this thread is no longer accurate.


These commands work only for Ironwood (Turor 3.x.x) as it was running Nginx… Later versions of Tutor run on Caddy and this one takes care of SSL by itself

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