Remote database management

Does documentation exist anywhere about interacting directly with the Mongo and MySQL databases running inside the containers in Tutor? There are various commands with Open EDX that I am unable to run as I am unsure of how to direct them into containers for Tutor. I felt a good solution would be if I could create a secure SSH tunnel between my dev machine and the databases for my tutor deployment. I could then make corrections to user accounts and manage my data backups effectively.

I may eventually move the databases to RDS for automated backups and better performance. I don’t want to pay for that quite yet so looking to see if I can get more access to the databases that are setup local to the tutor deployment.

Hi, I had a similar problem in the past you can refer to this post for more information: Connect to running mysql instance

Actually I didn’t test that solution yet, but is a first approach that you can try.