Relationship between Tutor and Open Ed X releases


I’ve just installed tutor v3.9.0 - which was a pretty smooth process (thanks for making it so easy). How can I tell what version of Open Ed X this is giving me - if only by default? Is this something that can be configured or is Tutor tied to a specific Open Ed X release?

Some clarification on this point in the intro docs would really be useful (assuming I’m not being stupid and missed it somewhere).

I tried looking for some obvious places/Google about on Open Ed X forums for more general answers but it seems pretty opaque there too…?


BTW: I initially asked this here when trying to track down the discussion forums :

Hi @Rickety! You’re right, this is not indicated in any obvious place. Tutor 3.9.0 is running Ironwood.2 with a few security patches. This is one of the things that should be improved in the docs and I’ve added this to my backlog.

Running a customised version of edx-platform is a documented feature, though:



Thanks that is great to know. Do you have a view on how hard to move to Juniper is going to be :

I understand it’s a pretty major change on the Open Ed X side (Python 3 etc) - not sure how much that impacts Tutor?



We are currently testing the Juniper.alpha1 tag, like all other major Open edX providers. I don’t expect the upgrade will require anything else than running tutor local quickstart, as usual. (with some downtime)