Regarding mysql backup

sorry for my very late follow-up of the thread: Utfmb4 instead of utf8mb3? (#442) - #27 by regis

Why are we exporting the mysql database as well?

Wait what? I’m not sure I understand your question. In the topic you linked to, we export the database in order to migrate from utfmb3 to the utfmb4 locale.

sorry for not making myself clear. I was talking about the last replies in that thread:
Utfmb4 instead of utf8mb3? (#442) - #24 by regis.
Why are we exporting the mysql database when making a backup? and how is backup and migration (I suppose it meas, moving to a new machine) different?

Thanks in advance for your reply

Because the Mysql database contains precious data. If the server goes out in flames, you really want to have the content of your database backed up.

You got it: making a backup is when you want to keep your platform on the same server. Migration means switching to a new server.

I’m sorry that my wordings are confusing:

I am talking about the database named mysql, like when you do show databases:

mysql> show databases;
| Database           |
| information_schema |
| mysql              |
| openedx            |
| performance_schema |
| sys                |
5 rows in set (0.04 sec)

I am talking about the line between information_schema and openedx, I feel like the data in this db is not related with openedx, as they can be easily rebuilt when importing a sqldump?

What I mean is, isn’t migration = backup + import? Why are there different steps for getting data out of mysql when migrating and backing up?

Right! I’m not sure that exporting the “mysql” database from MySQL is actually necessary. It’s just much simpler, from an ops perspective.

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