rabbitMQ errors

Hi, I’m running into a small issue when using the command tutor local start. I have ecommerce and discovery plugin enabled and they work. For some reason, I think rabittmq is failing? The container is up and running and I have not changed any settings.

cms-worker_1, lms-worker_1, and eventually a tutor_local_rabbitmq_1 exited with code 1. RabbitMQ seem to not be able to connect. I’m also not sure if this issue is also related to not being able to sign in with users created through the sign up function in the app. I was able to create a user with an email called tester2@email.com, but was unable to sign in with it. I tried creating another account with the same email, but got an error mentioning that email has already been used.

I’m also running a separate fork of this and I am not experiencing any of these issues when I run tutor dev runserver cms. Able to login, create user and not running into any rabbitmq issues.

What are the logs from the rabbitmq container when it crashes?

Hi @regis, thanks for replying!

For extra information, I have run the command tutor local quickstart command, but encountered this error after I stopped the container and then ran it again with tutor local start

Can you check whether you have enough free space and what are the permissions of the $(tutor config printroot)/data/rabbitmq folder?

Things can break when the permissions on rabbitmq/.erlang.cookie are wrong. Make sure it is set to 600 then restart.

@regis here’s what I got when I checked permissions:

@iammcgaber I can give that a try, but according to the image I attached, I should have permissions to do anything I want no?

It is the permissions on the .erlang.cookie file itself, not the directory.

@iammcgaber thanks a lot! That fixed the problem.