Python Social Auth - Linkedin - 500 error

So I configured my new plugin and enabled third party auth. Configuration went smooth and the button appeared on sign in and registration pages.

I click register with LinkedIN and it takes me there, I grant access to the app and then I’m back to a 500 error on my instance.

It appears that the social core / LinkedIn backend tries to make calls to the deprecated v1 API at LinkedIn.

Any way to get an updated Python Social Auth package with the Overhangio/Ironwood image?

Looks like Pierre here had success on Ironwood.1 replacing social-auth-core from 1.7.0 to 3.1.0. ->

Update: Needed a small change in Dockerfile to work

I added to the Dockerfile for the openedx build on line 57 to uninstall and reinstall the social-auth-core.

# Install updated version of social-auth-core
RUN pip uninstall -y social-auth-core && \
    pip install git+

Then tutor images build openedx and tutor local quickstart

Registering and signing in with LinkedIn now works again. :smile:
Seems like the edx gang are making some changes to how auth will be handled in the near future, so this’ll do as a quick fix for now.

Hi @ak00001,
Thanks for investigating this! If the social-auth-core upgrade were a minor change, we would backport it to Tutor. But the upgrade from 1.7.0 to 3.1.0 requires too many changes to edx-platform:
Also, this upgrade will be included in the upcoming Juniper release. So I’m afraid other users will have to wait until Juniper is out :-/

Note: this is the related Jira issue Unassigned and still needs triage since May 2019 :cry:

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