Programs do not track progress on courses


I am testing Programs in Open edX (lilac deployment on k8s) but even after completing a course the progress information does not appear in the program dashboard.

When I configured programs with tutor, I directly went to the steps in: 6.4.5. About Programs — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform: Lilac Release documentation

By the way, I have skipped previous steps like:

  • tutor plugins enable ecommerce mfe
  • “compiled and moved static assests” (i.e. $ make static); is this applicable to tutor deployments?

Any ideas of why programs do not track progress on courses?

Many thanks,

Yes, this should be correct.

Can you please describe a little more precisely what it would mean to actually track progress inside programs? Do you have screenshots of what the expected outcome should be?

Hi @regis

I created a test program with a single test course:

I complete the course:

However, that’s not reported in the Programs dashboard. See:

And also:

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

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