Procedures to adjust the Brazilian Portuguese translation for Tutor

I am trying to make some changes to the Brazilian Portuguese translation of Tutor 10.0.7, following the instructions at (and in some posts here on this forum ), but I still have some questions. Could someone please confirm that the understanding below is correct?

  1. To adjust the translation I need the pt_BR files from both edx-platform and Open edX.

  2. The pt_BR files are available for edx-plaform at

  3. However, pt_BR files are NOT available for Open edX at In that case I would need to directly use the pt_BR files available at (for the Juniper version).

  4. After obtaining the files listed above (items 2 and 3) I must merge them in the files django.po and djangojs.po in the following directory: $(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/locale/en_BR/LC_MESSAGES/

  5. In these two files I adjust the translations.

  6. When finishing the translation adjustments, it is necessary to rebuild the Docker image with “tutor images build openedx openedx-dev”.

  7. Finally, restart Tutor with “tutor local start -d”.

Please, are the above steps correct? Or did I get something wrong?

No. (see below)

This is normal. Translations for any given language are available either in edx-platform or openedx-i18n, but not both. The goal of openedx-i18n is to bundle the languages that do not ship by default with edx-platform.

No, this is unnecessary.

The only thing you have to do is create your own custom folder with some translations strings in them, as described in the docs you linked:
Have faith :wink:

Yes, this is correct.


Thank you! This was not clear to me, but now I understood perfectly!