Preparing for the Maple release 🍁

As you may be aware, work on the next named release of Open edX has started! The Build/Test/Release Working Group is hard at work getting the release (codename: “Maple”) ready in time for 2021-12-08T23:00:00Z. Tutor will be the only community installation, as the native installation will be deprecated in this release. This means that we are going to need all the help we can get to upgrade, test and fix Tutor and all its plugins – in particular from you, my dear @maintainers :slight_smile:

I am looking for volunteers to handle the upgrade of the following plugins:

The number of stars corresponds to the relative difficulty of upgrading each plugin, based on my past experience.

If no one steps up for some of these plugins, that’s fine, I can handle it. But I think that taking charge of a plugin is a great way of contributing to the project, and to learn more about the internals of Tutor. You don’t have to be a Tutor maintainer to take charge of the upgrade of a single plugin, but I expect that volunteers would have already contributed to the project in the past.

To learn how to actually upgrade a plugin, you should read “How to upgrade a tutor plugin”, which is a tutorial that I wrote a couple months ago for the Lilac release and it is still relevant today. Please read it!

So, any volunteer? Please respond below :arrow_heading_down: or send me a personal message. Thank you very much! :bowing_man:

Hi @regis, I am interested in contributing to the process. I always wanted to learn how MFEs work with Tutor. I guess this would be a great way to learn and help the upgrade move forward. Let me know if you have any other plans. :slight_smile:

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That’s great to hear, thank you @shimulch! Does that mean that you will take care of the tutor-mfe plugin upgrade?

I can take a stab at the minio plugin :slight_smile:

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@regis Yes! I will take care of the tutor-mfe plugin upgrade for the Maple release. :slight_smile:

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@regis I would like to participate in this. Just before confirming my commitment, is the deadline by 9 December (Max), right?

On the other hand, regarding the ecommerce, I have been hearing that the ecommerce app have had some issues with Djnago 3.2 upgrade, not sure what the status, so I was wondering if that would be relevant for the plugin…etc

Yes, but we should be able to review and test the work before then. People who will test and run the release candidate will need a working plugin as soon as possible.

I’m not sure either… which is why the ecommerce plugin is the hardest to upgrade :frowning:

@regis for the ecommerce following update from Natalia, it would make sense I guess to go further when ecommerce is merged with maple, ref

On the other hand I am in the process of upgradin the forum, then I will I see how things works with me.
I think after buiilding all images from maple, I could the same images for other plugins, i.e. I don’t need to run tutor images build all for each plugin, right?

Sounds good. Please let me know as soon as you have a PR that is ready for testing.

I’m not sure I understand. You only need to rebuild images if you enable new plugins on top of your Maple installation.

@regis There is an existing maple branch on tutor-mfe plugin. Did we already prepare the MFE plugin for maple? If not should I work on top of it? or use the nightly branch?

Hey @shimulch, sorry about that, I should have warned you: yes, there is already a “maple” branch that is ready for the tutor-mfe plugin, so you should open a PR on top of this branch. I know for a fact that some things are currently not working in this plugin; for instance, nginx routing is not functional, as we can see in this PR: fix: main caddy service should send MFE requests to the mfe containers by jfavellar90 · Pull Request #23 · overhangio/tutor-mfe · GitHub So you should still have plenty of work upgrading this plugin :slight_smile:

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I’ve opened a PR for minio. It’s almost complete if anyone wants to test it.

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@shimulch @regis are we going to have the learning MFE enabled in the maple release… what’s the plan? I am up, if you need an extra hand.

@regis, @sumanchapai I don’t see much work to do in the MFE plugin apart from tagging a release. It works. I think the issue regis mentioned is also resolved.

I really don’t see what else I could do here to help with the release. There is already a maple branch and it works with the maple branch of the Tutor repository.

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sure, thanks @shimulch