Platform I18N to spanish

Hi, I’m trying to set the platform language to spanish (I’m in Chile and I found es-PE as the closest option). The problem is that it still shows the contents in english. Also tried the dark lang config with the “es” option with no luck. As shown in the picture, “Course Number” and “Classes Start” are not translated.

Screenshot from 2020-02-11 16-40-42

However, some titles from the administration are in spanish, so something changed.
For me it’s enough to set spanish as the only language.

Thanks in advance

Hi @slillo! Not all Open edX locales are complete; their advancement status is visible on Transifex:
As you can see, only 4.9% of translatable strings are available in the Spanish (Peru) locale. You have two options:

  1. Submit new translations to Transifex
  2. Switch to a better supported Spanish locale, such as es_419 (Spanish Latin America)

Note that this is not an issue with tutor, but with Open edX itself.

Hi @regis, thanks for the reply. Actually I added the
es_419 entry to the dark lang config with no luck. Is there anything else to do for the system to recognize this change?


Did you try to set “es-419” as the default platform language during tutor local quickstart? When I do that the “course number” and “classes start” strings are correctly translated on my platform.


Man, worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!!! Now to work with themes. Any suggestions?

I have never tried to translate custom themes. It appears it would be possible, but for that you will need to modify the value of the COMPREHENSIVE_THEME_LOCALE_PATHS setting and set it to something like /openedx/themes/yourtheme/conf/locale.