PDF XBlock does not show up on K8S

Although I follow the document written here, https://docs.tutor.overhang.io/configuration.html#installing-extra-xblocks-and-requirements.
It does not work on K8S (it works on local though)

I also tried installing other XBock such as Done, Google Drive, Staff Grade Assignment. All of them are working both on local and K8S

PDF XBlock is the only one that does not work on K8S.
I don’t see it show up in the Advanced component.

Here is the list of advanced modules


Here is the content of my private.txt


Has anyone faced a similar problem?
I use Tutor 10.1.0 and PDF XBlock of raccoongang:

I finally found the cause and fixed this problem. Kind of embarrassing, though. :joy:

Because I installed the custom xblocks, I had to build a custom docker image on my local machine.
However, when I deployed to K8S, the image was pulled from docker.io/overhangio/openedx.
So I need to push my custom image to the registry first, then change config DOCKER_IMAGE_OPENEDX so the image would be pulled from that registry.

Should we add this info to the document?

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