Open edX Build Test Release Group

Hi @maintainers,

For those who don’t know, the Open edX community has a Build Test Release working group that’s looking after the community named releases. (founded by our beloved BDFL @regis!)

On October 11th, the group is looking to create the master branch of Maple. Given that Tutor is now the official installation method for Open edX, there is some overlap between the work this group and the BTR does (e.g. Enabling OAuth for Studio login).

It would great to have some tutor maintainers participate in the group. Not only to help with getting the next release out of the door but in general to make sure there is a channel of communication between the two groups.

Our next synchronous meetup is next Monday, feel free to join! You can also join the conversation in the forum, on slack and pick up contribute by taking on a ticket on the BTR board.

:rotating_light: Enabling OAuth for Studio login => this is one for the @developers.

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