Open edX API Testing (Bearer Token)


we - that is a student development team at UCL - are currently investigating how to enable the integration of MS Learn content as an LTI component into Open edX.
We have deployed edX using Tutor (incredibly convenient!), once for production and once for development.

Currently, it is not possible to access MS Learn content within edX through an LTI1.1/1.3 component, when the MS Learn Application calls the following API: “” (see screenshot from MS Learn Function App Traces Log).

Consequently, we are looking to test this API (e.g., through Postman), however, do not know how to obtain a bearer authentication token. We have found a related post on this topic in the Tutor forum and are unsure whether there are some things to consider unique to the Tutor deployment.

Have any of you developers in this community come across a similar situation? And do you know how to obtain such a token?

Many thanks for your help!

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Hi @louis-s-29 ,
You can access all edX API documantations(swagger), endpoints with this URL(

That needs to be autorized with basic authentication. You shoud create a superuser. So thats may help to find APIs and test in edX side. But LTI side and bearer token ? I have no idea.

tutor local createuser testuser --staff --superuser

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