Notes is not working properly

Hi, we recently started our website using tutor, we want students to use notes, it’s a pretty useful tool, we have already done the proper steps to activate it:
tutor plugins enable notes
tutor local quickstart
Advanced settings: Enable Student Notes-true

But for some reason we have the error on the top of the screen showing “Sorry we could not search the store for annotations” also we can’t save them, I have searched on this forum for previous threads but I see that this problem should have been fixed on newer releases of notes and tutor, can you please help me?

Please tell me if you need more information from my part.

Hi @jmayorga19!

  1. Are you running Open edX in production, or locally?
  2. If you are running in production, did you remember to create the “notes.LMS_HOST” DNS record? (see docs)
  3. If you are running Open edX locally, what is the output of tutor config printvalue NOTES_HOST?
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Thank you @regis ! That was it, we are in production and I forgot to create the DNS, I really appreciate your help :smiley: