None domain when reset password

Hello. I have adding my domain. It’s successful but when I reset password my url is “none/resetpass”.
I dont know why? Please help me.

I just noticed that this has been happening to me as well.

Every other link in the email is generated perfectly, it’s just the reset button that has “none” instead of the actual domain name.

Have you had any luck in figuring out why this is happening?

Quick update, I managed to fix it on my end.

Here’s the plugin I wrote to do it:

# tutor-plugins/
from tutor import hooks

AUTHN_MICROFRONTEND_DOMAIN = "<your domain here>"
SITE_NAME = "<your domain here>"

Here’s how I came up with the solution:

I looked through the code here and saw that that’s how it generated the URL.

Then I compared that with my setup and realized that neither of those variables were defined. So I wrote a plugin that injected those values in and boom, it worked. :smile:

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