No registration activation emails nor reset password emails

I’m using tutor 12.1.2, I have setup my mailjet account for SMTP following the instructions in (Using Google Mail as an SMTP server — Tutor documentation) link. I was able to send test emails successfully using the command:

tutor local run --no-deps lms ./ lms shell -c \
  "from django.core.mail import send_mail; send_mail('test subject', 'test message', '', [''])"

I have also setup:

tutor config save \
  --set DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL=email_address \
  --set DEFAULT_FEEDBACK_EMAIL=email_address

tutor local quickstart

Yet, when I register a new account or try to reset the password of an existing account no email get sent to the user.

Search the “tutor local logs --tail=100” output to see if you have any particular SMTP errors on registration vs. test emails. I know I had these kind or problems when first getting set up, but I don’t remember what I found or how I solved them, only that I had to dig around in the logs.

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The logs show it is (TypeError: Object of type LazyStaticAbsoluteUrl is not JSON serializable), and I found this link about the same issue. Is there any quick fix or should I upgrade and now that we have few versions afterwards is it safe to upgrade to [v13.0.3] or should I stick to [v12.1.3] so that I don’t loose my courses and theme customization.

DO NOT upgrade to v13 if you are not ready to upgrade to Maple just yet. Just upgrade to v12.1.3.

EDIT: can I just say that I appreciated your thorough bug description as well as the fact that you searched the forum topics by yourself for a solution? This is the kind of stuff that makes my life much easier, so thank you :slight_smile:

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