No able to install Indigo and other official plugins of overhang

i am using ubuntu 20.04 and Tutor version 13.2.0 but not able to install official plugins. for your reference i have attached plugin

Please check this error comes when i try to install Indigo theme

You have an amazingly broken Tutor installation. I can’t copy-paste the lines from your error stacktrace because you posted a screenshot (next time please copy-paste the error instead). But the stacktrace indicates that some files come from tutor < 12.0.0 and others from 13.2.0. You must have done something pretty extraordinary to your system… I recommend you carefully uninstall it all, get rid of all tutor files, and then restart the installation from scratch.

I am getting these error while installing these 2 plugins and i also want to install GitHub - overhangio/flow-control-xblock: An Xblock to control the learning path for the Open edX platform this plugins

please share tutorial how to install these plugins

I am using ubuntu 20.04 on 4 cpu core 8 gb ram 160 gb ssd full domain

i am getting error install gradebook plugins please help me out

I am getting this error while running any command

@regisb now i am using fresh theme

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