New theme is not displayed following tutor documentation

Installed the theme indigo on a local deployment of tutor’s openedx. But the indigo theme is not being displayed in and

The local deployment runs behind a web proxy that was set using this command.
tutor config save --set WEB_PROXY=true --set NGINX_HTTP_PORT=81 --set NGINX_HTTPS_PORT=444

To install the theme, ran the following commands successfully:

  1. tutor config render --extra-config ./indigo/config.yml --extra-config ./indigo/config_custom.yml ./indigo/theme "$(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/themes/indigo"
  2. tutor images build openedx
  3. tutor local start -d
  4. tutor local settheme indigo $(tutor config printvalue LMS_HOST) $(tutor config printvalue CMS_HOST)

However. the default theme is still being displayed. Also tried the following to no avail.

ln -s "$(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/themes/indigo/lms/templates" "$(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/themes/indigo/lms/static/"

Any idea what could be the problem?


Do you have theme installed in your tutor environment? env/build/openedx/themes directory must contain indigo directory

Yes, the indigo directory is inside the env/build/openedx/themes directory.

Which url are you viewing where the theme is not applied? Are you logged-in as a user?

Theme is not applied for both and Even if I log in as the admin user, it’s the default theme that is displayed. The admin user was created from running tutor local createuser --staff --superuser adminuser

I am on MacOS Mojave but had created a docker group and added the Mac user to the group. However the Mac user has root privileges. Not sure if this is causing it. Should I rerun the whole tutor commands using a new MacOS user account without system or root privileges?

That explains it. If you access the LMS at then the theme should be associated to the hostname, not It’s the same in development, where the theme should be applied to (see docs)

tl;dr: run:

tutor local settheme indigo $(tutor config printvalue LMS_HOST):81 $(tutor config printvalue CMS_HOST):81

And next time please specify how you access your platform: I incorrectly assumed that you accessed it via your custom web proxy.

Thanks @regis! It is now being displayed.

My bad. As I was not yet keen on development work but was just exploring Openedx, I only read this part wrongly assuming that the port is being mapped out at the back end after running set WEB_PROXY as stated in the original post.

tutor config save --set WEB_PROXY=true --set NGINX_HTTP_PORT=81 --set NGINX_HTTPS_PORT=444