Multiple domains for same tutor installation


If I install tutor, behind a proxy, setting, for instance, all goes ok.

Now if I add another domain, let’s say and, to the proxy, pointing at the same IP, I can’t get this .org domain to work.

Is this because I installed tutor to .com? Is there anything I can do to have both?

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@regis is this a silly question?

Well, no, but we would need some details to better understand what is going on here. You say “I can’t get this .org domain to work”: what exactly is not working? Do you get a 500 error? a 400? is DNS resolution working? Is the web server on? Did the data center go up in flame? Did your website change into a purple pumpkin at midnight?

My guess would be that you are getting a 400 error. And that would be because production Django projects are configured to only accept certain hostnames. Generally speaking, it’s a terrible idea to have multiple domain names all point to the same website. For instance, cookies don’t work anymore, but this is just one example among many things that will break. Instead, you usually want to have 301 HTTP redirects.

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Thank you :slight_smile: