Migrating from Tutor to Native

My question is twofold, regarding both MySQL and Mongo data.

MySQL: the logical databases in Tutor versus those of a Native build are different. I just noticed that there is only one logical database in Tutor – openedx – as opposed to the dozen or so logical databases in a native build. Any suggestions on how i should go about transforming a Tutor mysql backup so that it can be restored onto a native build’s mysql service?

Slightly more detail: i’ve imported the openedx database to a native mysql service, just so that i can compare its structures to those of a native build. At a glance, the schemas of openedx seem to match those of edxapp. Can anyone confirm whether this is the case? As a simple exercise i attempted to restore ´openedx´ into an existing ´edxapp´ but ran into mysql command-line errors regarding creation of foreign keys, and so i’ve backed away from this strategy for the moment.

MongoDB: i also notice that the course content appears to be stored in a database named ´openedx´ rather than in edxapp. Any suggestions on how to restore openedx into edxapp?

I’ve gone through the process the other way round (Native → Tutor) and you are correct the openedx database corresponds to the edxapp database.

In my case, I use an AuroraDB instance. To switch to tutor I changed the OPENEDX_MYSQL_DATABASE, OPENEDX_MYSQL_PASSWORD and OPENEDX_MYSQL_USERNAME settings to work with the native database.

I would try to do the same in your case.

The additional databases will be will initialised by the plugins of each service (tutor-discovery, tutor-ecommerce).

thank you sir, very helpful! :slight_smile:

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