Migrating from native install to Tutor Juniper


Am trying to migrate from the native installation to tutor and faced some issues. I have followed @misilot steps to do this. Everything went well but when I start building openedx image I gives me the following error.

Any help please!!

Is it possible that you are running a fork or that you have already applied some of the patches for Juniper?

When I tried to migrate from Native to the Tutor the first time, I had to roll back son of the patches I had previously installed as part of our fork. Tutor definitely wanted to install them.

@sambapete thank you for your response. Am not running a fork. This is a fresh install of tutor Juniper release. After the installation all I did is migrating the native installation data(SQL, and Mongo data) which Ginkgo release.


As far as I understand, this is due to Open edX changing the GitHub organization name from edx to opened after the 2U acquisition. All you need to do is change the GitHub URL from edx to openedx.

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