Micro Fontend Setup with Tutor

Hi All,

I’m trying to setup https://github.com/edx/frontend-app-profile in tutor. Trying to understand how to go about doing it. Can anyone point me to documentation or steps on how to go about doing this setup in production.

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Hi @g-vijayvergia! This is actually on my TODO-list. I am planning to release a few micro frontend applications (gradebook, profile and account) before Lilac (June 9th). Gradebook was available as beta for Juniper but it requires extensive changes for the migration to Koa.

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This is promising. Maybe we could community source a cookiecutter template for the implementation of MFA in Tutor? It’d be nice to have some best-practices as a starting point.


Thanks, Yes if you provide the template for the implementation or steps then i would be happy to help.