MFE/Richie plugin error in version 13.2.0

Installing Maple 2.0 and activating Richie plugin on Docker (19.03.14) with Docker-compose (1.27.4), I can no longer run

tutor pliugin list
tutor local quickstart

Neither by downloading fresh version.

Error message

Failed to enable plugin ‘mfe’ : plugin ‘mfe’ is not installed.

Error applying action ‘plugins:loaded:richie’: func=<bound method BasePlugin.__load of <tutor.plugins.v0.EntrypointPlugin object at 0x7f4d585b4190>> contexts=[‘plugins’, ‘plugins:v0:entrypoint’]’

Any hints?


It looks like you need to install the mfe plugin.

MFE was installed as standard with v13.2.0 based on instructions on

Releases · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

tutor plugins list worked OK, i.e.

tutor plugins list
android (disabled) 13.0.0
discovery (disabled) 13.0.1
ecommerce (disabled) 13.0.0
forum (disabled) 13.0.0
license (disabled) 13.0.0
mfe 13.0.4
minio (disabled) 13.0.1
notes (disabled) 13.0.1
richie (disabled) 13.0.0
webui (disabled) 13.0.2
xqueue (disabled) 13.0.0

Richie was installed based on instructions on
GitHub - overhangio/tutor-richie: Tutor plugin for integration of Open edX with a Richie course catalog

After that, I get a correct response on

tutor – version

but error messages on

tutor plugins list