MFE Applications Add New Language Support

Hello everyone,

We have been trying to add Turkish language support to the MFE applications, however we couldn’t manage to succeed.

Tutor version: 15.1.0

  1. Added translation (which is downloaded from directly Transifex) file to i18n/i18n-merge.js but it didn’t work.

  2. Tried to run forks of MFE applications and made these changes:

  • Add Turkish translation files to the forked repositories and the changes below:

Add translation file as src/i18n/messages/tr_TR.json
Then change index.jsx to:

import trMessages from './messages/tr_TR.json';
// no need to import en messages-- they are in the defaultMessage field

const messages = {
  'tr_TR': trMessages

export default messages;
  • Update Dockerfile to fetch from forked Git repositories
  • Build MFE images with no cache

We applied these changes to the all MFE applications but only worked for MFE Account application. So, we are discussing running a fork of Frontend Platform also, but not sure if we want to maintain the upstream project.

Is there anything else we should do? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hi again,

If you are having this issue too, please check ​ Problems applying Customised MFE libraries (eg “frontend-platform”) to a production open edx platform (using “tutor local”) discussion.

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