Meetup at Open edX Conference?

I’d like to get in touch with other educational institutions that are running or thinking about running their production server(s) with Tutor, for a meetup during the Open edX Conference in Lisbon.

The idea is an informal forum for exchanging experiences and ideas. No limits.


Hi @ak00001! This is an excellent idea. I suggest we organise a “birds of a feather” meetup during the conference. This usually happens during the conference, in-between sessions. Maybe we can go for drinks afterwards?

That’s a great format.
Let’s hope COVID-19 don’t get the best of the world before then :slight_smile:


I have no information whatsoever from the conference organizers, but if the conference does not happen, we can always organize an online meetup. Actually, this remote meetup could be organised in any case. Would the community be interested in that? I could share the work that we are currently doing on Tutor and we could talk about pain points/ways to improve Tutor from the perspective of its users (aka you).

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