Maple3 release tag forked version installing problem

Hi Team,
I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and 8 Gb Ram 4 CPU core and Using Tutor 13.2.2 Version

i have clones this tag branch

i have make my own repo

and after doing this i am running this command

tutor images build openedx
–build-arg EDX_PLATFORM_VERSION=main

at step 73 i am getting error or permission

Step 75/101 : COPY --chown=app:app ./locale/ /openedx/locale/user/locale/
—> Using cache
—> 3aa7947b55e0
Step 76/101 : RUN cd /openedx/locale/user && django-admin compilemessages -v1
—> Using cache
—> 974220483651
Step 77/101 : RUN ./ lms --settings=tutor.i18n compilejsi18n
—> Running in dc810ec5760d
/bin/sh: 1: ./ Permission denied
The command ‘/bin/sh -c ./ lms --settings=tutor.i18n compilejsi18n’ returned a non-zero code: 126
Error: Command failed with status 126: docker build -t --build-arg EDX_PLATFORM_REPOSITORY= --build-arg EDX_PLATFORM_VERSION=main /root/.local/share/tutor/env/build/openedx

Hi @manojkumarhr,
I see that your repo is not actually a fork of edx-platform, but you reset the git history. and added just a single commit. As a consequence, all file permissions are lost and the is no longer executable.

I recommend you make an actual fork of the edx-platform repo and start your own branch on top of the open-release/maple.3 tag:

git checkout -b my-branch open-release/maple.3

@regis thanks alot i will do this

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