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Hello everyone,

I installed OpenEDX via Tutor on our server. The Websites are up and running and registration is also possible, but I cannot login. Everytime I type in the correct credentials I just get back to the login page. So I cant proceed any further. The two sites don’t run on domains yet, instead on 2 different IP addresses. Could that cause the issue? I also created an admin/staff account via the terminal, but logging in with that one is also not possible. Any ideas on how to solve the issue would be great!

Hi @Schneckenhausmann! I’m 100% sure that configuring IP addresses instead of domain names will not work. Actually, I considered setting up a config verification step that would check whether users input IP addresses in place of domain names during interactive configuration.

To access your platform while you are still testing Tutor, you will have to run Tutor in “local development” mode (type “n” during the first interactive configuration step) then setup an SSH tunnel to your remote server (ssh -D 5555 yourremotehost then install something like FoxyProxy to access your platform on local.overhang.io).

Hi Regis,

thank you very much for your quick answer. I plan on purchasing a domain either today or in in the next few days. If the problem persists, I will write again.

Here is an update:

I purchased the domain and set up tutor again. This time by using my domain name like this:

CMS_HOST: www.studio.example-site.courses
LMS_HOST: www.example-site.courses

The LMS Site is working fine, SSL out of the box and everything. But the CMS wont load. Is there some thing I am missing? Is the format of the link wrong?

I purchased the domain from Strato and just set my IP address as the domains A record. Do I need to add the subdomain www.studio.example-site.courses there? And if yes where does it need to point to?

Thank you for your help.

Did you remember to point your studio domain name to the same IP address as the LMS? This is most conveniently done with a CNAME record.

Now that I think of it, this tidbit is not mentioned anywhere in the Tutor docs. It is only described as part of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtXP52qGphA Would someone be interested in starting a PR to update the docs?

EDIT: I was wrong, this is part of the docs: Install Tutor — Tutor documentation

Thank you for you answer. Yes I saw that video, but I’m not quite sure how to solve the problem with it.

I think the problem is that Strato doesn’t handle this as other hosters do. As far as I understood I need to create a subdomain there, which I did. I called it studio.example-site.courses and the set the cname record of it to example-site.courses. . The problem with Strato is that I cant just set a global cname record with a wildcard like: *.example-site.courses.

Do you have an idea on how to solve it?

If I try to just point the studio subdomain directly to the IP via the A record, I get ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome.

You can check that your domain names are correctly configured using https://dnschecker.org/
You should also check the fine prints from the Chrome error page. Finally, check the logs from the caddy container.

Somehow I got it working now:

LMS: https://www.example-site.courses → A record to IP address of the server
CMS: https://studio.example-site.courses → Created a subdomain with the cname entry → example-site.courses.

I thought I had it like that before, so I’m not really sure why is just now working.

Thank you for your help!

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