Location of core files in tutor 10.2.2?

I’m migrating my custom theme from tutor version 3.12.6 to tutor version 10.2.2. When trying to troubleshoot some issues with my custom js file, I can’t locate the core openedx files that were located in .local/share/tutor/data/openedx in v. 3.12.6. In version 10.2.2, that directory does not exist. It this potentially something I did incorrectly when building and restarting my docker image?

I followed these steps after creating my custom theme directory
tutor images build openedx
tutor local settheme mytheme $(tutor config printvalue LMS_HOST) $(tutor config printvalue CMS_HOST)
tutor local stop
tutor local start -d

Thanks for any tips on how to resolve this.

Hi @lmgonzales !
Først of all I’m not sure, But I believe, all static files located inside containers (LMS/CMS)
Just run

$ tutor local run lms bash ## then $ cd …

You should see staticfiles directory and probably your custom theme inside that folder… ??

/openedx/staticfiles/Your-Custom_theme and JS file

When you run

$ tutor config render ./YourCustom-theme/theme “$(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/themes/YourCustom-theme”

$ tutor images build openedx

It should override there ??



Thank you very much @qali. That was exactly the information I needed.

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