Local quickstart not working when pullimages enabled

Hi @regis, I am getting an error while trying to run

tutor local quickstart -p -I

The error is:

Usage: custom [OPTIONS] ARGS...
Try 'custom --help' for help.

Error: Missing argument 'ARGS...'.

After some debugging I figured out that quickstart invokes the pull dc_command which calls bindmounts.parse_volumes(args) with args=[].
I tried a simple solution, I added a conditional in the dc_command function to check if arguments are empty or not. If they are empty then it will skip all the lines handling volumes and non-volumes arguments and just set them as empty (volume_args, non_volume_args = ([],[])) and then call directly the docker_compose command. It worked but I want to know which approach do you consider is the best one to use here to solve the issue. Thanks.

Good catch @eric.herrera! I think there is an easier fix. Here’s the PR: fix: crash during `local quickstart -p` by regisb · Pull Request #428 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

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