Local install ok Production cannot access

I have a couple issues I need help with.
Using Tutor (pip install local full) I can run as a non production and get it seemingly to work in browser, but when I launch with production mode and learn. mydomain . com and teach.mydomain.com it no loner responds.

Sure seems to be a routing issue or something but I am a little lost now…

I have been using this on a Ubuntu server (with desktop) VM on a Proxmox host machine.

The VM connects to the internet just fine and has a static IP on my VM Lan side 10.x.x:.x/16 subnet.
I have tried several reverse proxies and services to reflect and redirect to the 10.x :.x.100 assigned VM IP address - the DNS records for learn:.mydomain.com and teach:mydomain.com are pointed to one of our public IP addresses going to our switch that forwards all to the Proxmox cluster where I have my VM;s all sitting right now.

Any ideas how to make this setup work to local lan and public?

I have public ip → Ubiquiti EdgeMax router → LAN 192.168" .2 .x —>Proxmox server cluster (OPNsense firewall WAN in with LAN out to rest of the office lan and private lans built on the Proxmox cluster of node machines). Most everything behind proxmox or on proxmox is in the 10.x " .x.x subnet

How can I make this topography work?

sorry for the : and " in the domain name examples - they are just examples but the UI for this forum thinks they are links and won’t let me post them without some space or hack : in the middle since I am a new member here.